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Mooney Fine Mineral

Large Double Terminated Quartz Crystal *NATURALLY* Healed!

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This exceptional, and large, Double Terminated Quartz Crystal was mined in 2020 by the Ron Coleman Crystal Company near Jesseville Arkansas. There is very minor damage that occurred at the time of mining on the tip of the main crystal termination, and the price does reflect this (it would push to nearly $900-$1000 on today's market if it wasn't). The specimen is naturally healed, meaning that is broke while in the earth and quartz filled the crack over time, "healing" it. You can see where this happened in the pictures. The specimen, while double terminated, also has a smaller "Arkimer" diamond near the secondary termination as well as some small crystals all over it. This piece is very unique and would make most collectors very happy.

Regardless of your shipping option chosen this piece will ship with extra protection and full insurance to cover the total expenditure of the piece. 

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